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The PSM-1000 is standard equipped for laser work covering the spectrums ranging from 355nm [UV] to 532nm [Green] to 1064nm [IR]. Conveniently positioned, the beam splitter switches the PSM-1000 from a visual unit [50:50 split between binocular eyetubes and trinocular port] to a laser work unit. Through the specially coated optical system, the PSM-1000 produces an infrared [1064nm] efficiency of 82%.

Central to the PSM-1000’s high laser efficiency and functionality is the changeover turret, which consists of three specialised lenses. 1XUV/VIS for the spectrum of 355nm – 532nm; 1XIR/VIS for the 532nm – 1064nm spectrum; and a 2XVIS magnifier to achieve optimal magnification of 2000X [with 100X objective]. The turret base design provides the convenience of rapid switching between spectrums to complete the task.
With safety in mind, the PSM-1000 includes a laser safety pin to shut down the laser to avoid accidents, as well as shims to securely mount and hold the laser provider’s safety filter.


Focusing Block

Rated for load weights up to 45lbs., image focal planes can be adjusted at 1mm resolutions within the total 50mm stroke. Reversible for space conscious applications in additional to extra mounting slots for placement on other manufacturers’ microscopes, adaptability is the key with the PSM-1000 focusing block.

Adjustable Nosepiece

Forward facing and equipped for four M26 x 1/36″ (0.706) type objectives, the PSM-1000’s nosepiece is dovetail mounted for moulding to different types of research and usage. Complementing the versatility of the nosepiece is Motic’s hassle-free parcentration. With the standard centering keys [pictured on the right], parcentration of individual ports can be achieved while remaining focused on the sample.

Plan Apochromat Objectives

Motic’s Plan Apochromat objectives provide the working distances at the numerical aperture values needed. Covering magnification ranges from 2X to 100X, the Plan Apochromat objectives are also available with the unique option of parfocality adjustment. Furthermore, Motic also provides you Plan Apo NIR 20X and 50X to fit a wide range of laser applications, such as laser-cutting fine-films of semiconductors and of liquid crystal substrates and much more. Designed to focus within the depth of focus, even when the laser wavelength used changes from the visible radiation (wavelength 532mm) to the near-inferred radiation range (wavelength 1064mm). The mounting thread is M26 X 1/36″ (0.706) for integration to existing systems. Please refer to Motic’s Plan Apochromat catalogue for further information.


Employing adjustable, high-eyepoint, Widefield 10x/24mm eyepieces, the PSM-1000 ensures the optimal amount of visual inspection. Each eyepiece can have diopter adjustments of ±5°. An additional versatility is the acceptance of reticules. [∅25mm].

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Utilising a Moticam digital application camera with the corresponding optional camera adapters, the PSM-1000 becomes an analysing, documentation, teaching, and training system.

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Tilting Head

With 300mm wafer fabrications coming online in addition to ergonomic requests, the PSM-1000 is offered with an optional tilting head format. The tilting head has an observation angle adjustment of 3o to 30o as well as being laser ready. A further beneficial option is the ability to retrofit existing PSM-1000s with a tilting head without the requirement of a factory return. Schematic diagram is located below.

Stand/ Stage

Equipping the PSM-1000 for simple and quick inspection, and/or laser work is achieved by opting for the stand/stage. The compact footprint allows for installation into space conscious work environments. The mechanical stage has a travel range of 75mm [X-axis] and 50mm [Y-axis].


Specification of Laser Ready modular microscope PSM-1000


Example Photography


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