Labomed Luxeo 4D Biological Stereomicroscope

Luxeo 4D: The New Teachers Pet


Labomed Luxeo 4D Stereomicroscope

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The Labomed Luxeo 4D reflects high performance engineering in every detail, demonstrating yet again, Labomed’s unwavering focus on delivering superb value. With a super bright and white light emitting diode (LED) illumination system, superb optics, and a single-cast durable construction, and a superlative 5 Megapixel hi-definition built-in camera, virtually all educational, documentation, and even some industrial inspection requirements are met with the Labomed Luxeo 4D

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A +/- 30° angle LED ringlight allows users to reduce surface glare from reflective topographies for brilliant LED Oblique Illumination.  Bright LED transmitted illumination is also achieved with a 3-LED glow screen. Continuous Intensity control is managed through a control dial.


built-in 5 Megapixel camera offers hi-definition 1080p live video feed (HDMI), digital interface through computer (USB 2.0) with PixelPro capture analysis software, and an onboard secure digital (SD) card slot with capture button.


Hi-precision PLAN optics and superior coatings ensure accurate color reproduction, excellent depth of focus, and high definition.  With a truly white light, images appear as they should. A range of lockable eyepieces ensure both security as well as interchangeability.


Smooth focus control and a fluid 4.4:1 Greenough zoom system guarantee stress free operation with minimal ware and tare to gears, all of which are made of high-strength steels, mounts, and materials.


Package Contents

– Power Cable (6ft)
– Nylon Dust Cover & Cleaning Cloth
– PixelPro Image Capture Software (Windows XP/Vista/7 Compatible)
– USB 2.0 Cable (2ft)
– HDMI Cable (6ft)
– Styrofoam Casing

Accessories (Optional)

– Pointers & Micrometer Reticules
– Magnification Augmenting Eyepieces
– Polarizing Kit
– 1.5x Auxiliary Objective

Warranty Information

– 5 Year Parts
– 1 Year Electronics
– 2 Year Camera

Speak with one of our specialists today to see if the Luxeo 4D is right for you!

(281) 579-0342

Labomed Luxeo 4D
  • Optical System – Greenough 
  • Magnification – 4.4:1 Zoom Ratio 
  • Eyepieces – Widefield 10x/18mm (Interchangeable) 
  • Diopter Correction – + / – 5 diopters 
  • Viewing Body – Integrated Binocular, 45º, 52-74mm dioptric adjustment 
  • Working Distance – 100 mm 
  • Magnification Range – 8x to 35x Continuous 
  • Object Field Diameter – 6.6 to 28.5 mm 
  • Eye Guards – Rubber, Retractable 
  • Illumination Control – Incident / Transmitted (“Oblique” Settings) / Combined illumination control buttons with rheostat dial for light intensity control 
  • Incident Light – + / – 30º Oblique illumination and variable intensity control dial 
  • Incident Light Method – Maximum intensity (10 LEDs), front angled incident light (5 LEDs), rear angled incident light 5 (LEDs) 
  • Transmitted Light – 3 LEDs super bright glow screen, low heat emission 
  • LED Specifications – Approx 25,000 hours, Homogenous daylight (6500ºK), free of UV and IR emmissions 
  • Digital Interface – 5.0 Megapixel CMOS camera (1/2.5″ sensor) with digital (USB 2.0), video (HDMI), and secure digital (SD) card interface with on-board capture/record button.
  •  Power Supply – Universal 100V – 240V, 50/60Hz integrated power supply with voltage flux stabilizer
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