100x Oil Immersion
Whole Slide Scanner

Oil Immersion Slide Scanner and Microscope

Ultra-High Speed Scanning
for Cytology and Hematology

* Unprecedented, Ultra-High speed oil scanning (under 3 minutes for 20mm x 40mm area)
* Scan whole slides and selected regions of interest with air and oil objectives up to 100x.
* Automatic oil dropping and retrieving
* 5 place manual or motorized nosepiece
* Accommodates two 1 x 3 inch glass slides

Slide Scanning times for
dry & oil objectives
(20mm x 40mm area)

*Less than 1 minute for 40x at 0.25 um resolution
*Less than 2 minutes for 60x  at 0.17 um resolution
*Less than 3 minutes for  100x oil at 0.1 um resolution

Image Browsing

*Remote control from anywhere at anytime and simultaneously work with colleagues for second opinions.
*JEPG or SVS image format, 0.1um resolution picture, file size up to 10 gigabytes *Seamless picture stitching, zooming in or out from 0.25x-100x
*Annotation or measurements on regions of interest
*When scanning at 0.1um resolution, the whole slide is composed of 14,000 pictures with 5 million pixels of each

Deep Learning

*Optional software for image quantification available for various morphological indexes
*Nuclear area, nuclear perimeter, nuclear circularity, staining brightness of nuclei, nucleus cytoplasm ratio,
*Cytoplasmic area, nucleus cytoplasm ratio, cytoplasmic granularity, cell circularity, cytoplasm staining brightness and similarity coefficient of deep learning classification
*Neural net allows deep learning practices
*Up to 4 GPU’s are utilizes in high performance workstations
*Categorize 4,000 frames per second with 64×64 pixels areas (cells or other objects)

Data Viewing

*Data in formats of scatter diagram, histogram, high dimensional graph.
*After 14,000 pictures with 5M pixels are converted to quantitative data of the sample, multiple scatter diagrams or histograms will be displayed within several seconds for observation and study
*Data is saved in FACS3.0 format, can be opened using FACS analytical software, and data file of 10G can be converted into several mega FACS data file.

Application Areas

*Cell Biology
*Veterinary Medicine

Bionovation Models





Camera-Megapixel 5MP 5MP 5MP 5MP
Camera-Frames per second 75 fps 75 fps 75 fps 163 fps
Motorized Nosepiece no no no yes
Motorized LED Illuminator no no no yes
Auto oil drop no no no yes
Objective-100x oil no no 100X oil n.a. 1.25 100X oil n.a. 1.25
Objective-60x no 60X n.a. 0.8 60X n.a. 0.8 60X n.a. 0.8
Objective-40x 40X n.a. 0.65 40X n.a. 0.65 40X n.a. 0.65 40X n.a. 0.65
Adaptor 0.35x 0.35x 0.35x 0.35x
Microns per pixel – 100x no no 0.10 0.10
Microns per pixel – 60x 0.17 0.17 0.17 0.17
Microns per pixel – 40x 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
Slide capability 2 2 2 2
Scanning time-100x no no <6 min for 20mm x 40mm <3 min for 20mm x 40mm
Scanning time-60x no <4 min for 20mm x 40mm <4 min for 20mm x 40mm <2 min for 20mm x 40mm
Scanning time-40x <30 sec for 15mm x 15mm <30 sec for 15mm x 15mm <20 secs for 15mm x 15mm <20 secs for 15mm x 15mm
Computer – GPU 1 GTX1660TI GPU 1 GTX1660TI GPU 2 GTX1660TI GPU 2 RTX2060s GPU
Computer – CPU AMD/0.24T AMD/0.24T AMD/0.24T Intel/0.5T
Computer – Hard Disk Drive 1T 1T 1T 6T
Remote control Yes, via Team Viewer Yes, via Team Viewer Yes, via Team Viewer Yes, via Team Viewer
AI – tissue scanning Yes Yes Yes Yes
AI – Peripheral blood smear Yes Yes Yes Yes
AI – cytology No No No Yes
AI – bone marrow No No No Yes, 15 mm x 15 mm
AI – cells analyzed per second No 100 200 800
Regulatory (pending) CE, UL CE, UL CE, UL CE, UL

Bionovation 60x/0.8 scan

Bionovation Blood Smear

Bionovation Browser Viewer


Please contact us for a WebEx demonstation. We also offer scanning
services for your slides at any resolution (0.1um~0.45um) or
customized deep learning programs for your study.

Meyer Instruments, Inc.
4202 Bear Lodge Court
Houston, TX 77084

Bionovation 60x/0.8 scan

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