Product Updates from GIGAmacro.

First of all, the GIGAmacro Viewer: we know that a number of you are anxiously awaiting the new viewer and we are a touch behind on that.  We have decided to split the product into 2 releases, one of which has the main viewer functionality, the second release will have the authorization and authentication so that multiple users can annotate and comment.  We are planning on February for the first, and hopefully March for the second.

Templates: the system at California Academy is working well!  So far we have templates for entomology, thin geological slides, and microscope slides in use on various Magnify2 systems. We can ship the hardware to you during the first quarter with the software to simplify template building coming a little later.

We have a lot of exciting developments planned for this year including a new version of Capture and an all new workflow management system.  Keep your eyes peeled, and remember that if you have a maintenance and support agreement in place, all updates will come to you automatically.

GIGAmacro Magnify and GIGAmacro Viewer are available from Meyer Instruments in Houston, Texas.

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