Image-Pro 10 Image Analysis Software

from Media Cybernetics

Image-Pro 10 Software is your best solution for 2D/3D/4D  image analysis. Its powerful platform allows customization by adding modules to meet your changing needs.

Take advantage of Image-Pro’s unique SMART thresholding technology to obtain precise image segmentation using multiple variables for better counts.

Customize your system further by adding APP’s to streamline your work. Develop your own macros to automate and standardize your analysis.

Image-Pro has been the world’s most successful image analysis software package for over 35 years! As a truly mature software product it has thousands of users.

Smart Segmentation


Image-Pro uses a unique thresholding method that uses a pixel classification algorithm able to identify hard to segment objects and regions. 


Implement Smart Segmentation to identify faintly-colored objects, textured objects, and objects or regions on uneven backgrounds.


Works on small, medium, large and extra large images from microscopes or whole slide scanners. Easily uncomplicate object separation!

How does Smart Segmentation stack up against standard Histogram-Based Segmentation? VERY WELL INDEED!

Smart Segmentation

Histogram-Based Segmentation

Object Selection Select sample on image using ROI Move Histogram slider until objects are isolated.
Select Second Object Select sample on image using ROI Same as above on a separate image to be combined later
Background Select sample on image using ROI Not selected in above exercise
Method Machine Learning Manual Adjustment
Adjustments Adjust on Image – Unlimited Adjust on Histogram -Limited
Ease of Use Simple Hard

Automatically compensate for uneven backgrounds

Select two regions, and Smart Segmentation will automatically calculate the difference in the unevenly illuminated background


Select & Classify
Objects by Color

Select & Classify Objects by Color Locate and segment objects based on their color. Create classes to further characterize and streamline data collection and reporting.



Image-Pro’s Automatic Measurements are what we do best!  We offer the foremost solution for gathering data from images. Our simple step-wise approach to the problem is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility to analyze nearly any image type while remaining simple to quickly learn and teach to others.


Set up your Automatic Measurements to compile data from a series of images and deliver individual and cumulative results with the click of a button. Show just the data you want for a specific image or images. Individual measurements, sums or statistics. You decide. Data Collector provides whatever you wish.


Send data and images to the Image-Pro report generator, able to create simple custom reports based on pre-defined templates. Print or export to Word or Excel or generate a PDF.

What can Image-Pro do for you?


One-click Color Composite, Build composite color images by simply right-clicking on each grayscale image to select a color tint.
Extract and Merge Channels, Easily combine and separate images into RGB, HSI, and HSL color channels.
Color composite, Pseudocolor, Image math, Frame averaging
Image Correction, Correct your image background to better distinguish image objects, improving the
downstream measurement operations and reducing false positives.
Image Filters, Remove background noise and reveal hidden details with an extensive set of image
processing filters. Preview filters on your active image for instant results.
HDR Post process, Capture a sequence of images at different exposures, with variable options, and combine
them into a single High Dynamic Range image. The resulting image is a compilation of image data using the widest possible range of dark to light pixels. No more black or saturated pixels.
Post-acquisition tiling, Fast Fourier Transform
Alignment & EDF, Correct for microscope shift with post-acquisition auto-alignment tools. Extended Depth of
Focus (EDF) creates a focused image from a series of images captured at different z planes.
Auto trace and magic wand
ROI inverse (donut ROI)
Batch-process folders of images
Grid tool


Data Management
Extract quantitative data with ease
Create snapshot of zoomed image
Create snapshot with overlays
Rename and adjust
Rename objects by clicking and typing in the table. Also arrange all objects by color coded
class to see relationships.
Sort and Condense
Sort by measurements and adjust tables to only show the relevant data.
Group and view statistics
Combine classes of similar objects into a custom hierarchy and see statistics per
measurement for each grouped class.
Data Collector – Gather data from multiple experiments
Collect data automatically
With the press of a button all the data from your table is compiled into Data Collector. You
can even set it up to collect from all images automatically as they are measured.
Keep data linked to images
For a multi-image experiment, collect large clusters of data from each image separately and
retain the original links to understand how image groups compare and contrast.
Graph the results
Use a variety of graph types for your data such as 2D and 3D scatterplots, histograms,
block charts and lines graphs.
Export Data
Export your data and statistics to Microsoft Excel, File, or the Clipboard for pasting
anywhere on your PC.
Send data to reports
Send your data and screenshots to custom designed reports within Image-Pro for fast and
easy creation of experiment results.
Surface plot view & movie creator
Gallery view
Lock & zoom multiple images
Full-screen mode
3D viewer & movie creator
Slicer view


Automatic and Manual Measurements
SEGMENT – Identify what you want to measure
Histogram Segmentation (Grey Scale or Color Thresholding)
Select a single intensity range
Select multiple intensity ranges (classes)
Select with the picker
Smart Segmentation (Multi-Variable Thresholding)
Select objects and background
Define the recipe parameters
Train over multiple images
Automatically compensate for uneven backgrounds
Select & Classify Objects by Color
COUNT/SIZE – Create object outlines, instantly counted and sized
Filter by Measurement
Choose from a wide number of measurements to filter the entire segmentation group
from and apply specific range restrictions (graphically or numerically) that selectively
leave your objects of interest for further classification and measurement.
Create object outlines.
Once objects are identified and outlined you can count and measure areas, percent
area, regions, intensity values, and more.
Count Number
All discrete, separate objects can be automatically counted within the set range of
Size and Shape
Automatically measure object area, percent area, perimeter, length & width,
radii and feret ratio, etc.
Intensity and Density
Automatically measure object intensity, integrated optical density, density, and
intensity over time.
Object Splitting & Merging
It becomes necessary to split touching objects in many images so we’ve provided both
automatic watershed and boundary shape-based splitting techniques as well as a
manual point-to-point and polyline-based splitting methods to get the job done.
Object naming and coloring
This makes it easier to keep track of what’s what by allowing each object to receive a
unique name and color through the editing of the data table. Change a single object or
select a large number of objects and change them as a group.
Eliminate objects touching image border
In cases where you only want complete and intact volumes that are not cut off by the
image stack’s borders you can enable a clean borders setting to ignore these
Fill Holes
The appearance of each object is very important to accurate visualization so parameters
for each object are able to be edited including color, transparency, secularity.
Advanced line profile analysis, Manual measurements, Measure live images, Snap-to-edge measurements
Best-fit measurements, Track moving objects, Track merging & fading objects, Measure intensity over time
Auto calibration, Collect data from multiple images, Manually tag object

Capture Module (optional)

The 2D Capture Module is an Image-Pro 10 principal image capture and video recording
component, designed for streaming live previews, acquiring movies, and capturing still images
from digital cameras and frame grabbers. Capturing images the with the right depth of field,
magnification, exposure, and with the right amount of contrast can be difficult, but this module
delivers all of tools able to accomplish this and much more.
Check website for supported cameras . . .
This robust companion module contains a variety of specialty capture options such as:
High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture
Live Tiling
Live Extended Depth of Field (EDF)
Single-frame & movie acquisition
Streaming to disk
Instant acquisition
Crosshair grid overlay
TWAIN acquisition
Live Measurements
Live Image Comparison
Live Calibrated Crossover Grids
Multiple Image formats supported


Generate data for making helpful comparisons
Measure Distances Between Objects
Measure one-to-one and one-to-many distances between objects.
Measure Objects within Objects
Analyze parent/child relationships with tools that allow you to automatically measure
and group objects within objects.
Sort Counted Objects
Create a new image displaying all counted objects arranged by size.
Analyze the Spatial Distribution of Objects
Measure and Analyze
Calibrate for accuracy
Calibration data is ideally read from the image, however is cases where it
does not exist, we offer a variety of options to easily create and apply a calibration to
an image
Measure Layer Thickness
Determine the top and bottom edges and allow the software to measure thickness and
statistics about longest and shortest lengths.
Measure Line Profile
Draw a variety of lines and shapes for displaying the intensity under the lines as Line
Profiles. Apply any number of line profiles and export the graph and data out to
Excel or to a custom report.
Measurement tools
Direct and Relative
Extract accurate data from your calibrated images with a wide range of manual and
semi-automated measurement tools.
Manual and Auto Tracing
Draw polylines and regions to trace complex objects for you to measure area, perimeter,
and length.
Magic Wand Counting
One-click automatic segmentation of the local area based on the pixels clicked. Refine
selection with ‘Add’ and ‘Remove’.
Magnetic Snap Measurements
Draw accurate line measurements every time with the Snap Measurement tools.
Simply draw and the measurement will accurately snap along object edges.
Classify measurements
Use different colors, shapes, and custom names to classify and organize your
measurement data. Use to organize measurements for greater clarity.


Record Your Work
Automate your imaging tasks with simple macro recording tools. Play back macros or
combine multiple macros to ensure accurate results every time.
Document Your Steps Using the Audit Trail
Save and document your image processes with the Audit Trail. Document entire sessions as
well as steps performed on specific images. Export your audit trail as an XML file or to
Microsoft Excel.
Graphical or Code-Based Macro & App Editing
Macros and apps are easy to edit with Image-Pro’s graphical drag and- drop editing
interface. You can also use the code-based editing tools to test, edit, and debug your scripts.
Create, Download & Share Custom Apps
Image-Pro’s custom apps allow you to easily design step-by-step workflows that walk
you through your image analysis processes. Download apps from Media Cybernetics’ Solutions


Our image analysis training courses provide valuable information you can apply towards your imaging research. Whether you are new to imaging or are a more experienced imaging professional, our courses are designed to help you make optimum use of the latest imaging software techniques.

Technical Support

Receive installation and configuration troubleshooting from our technical support engineers via phone or email. Purchase an Image-Pro Maintenance Agreement to receive a full year of technical support and software updates.

Get Started with Free Video Tutorials

As an Image-Pro user, you’ll have access to a growing library of free 3- to 5-minute video tutorials. Learn time saving tips and familiarize yourself with the wide range of analysis tools available to you – without ever having to leave your computer.

Image-Pro Users Email List

When you choose Image-Pro software, you instantly join a community of image analysis professionals. Join the free Image-Pro users email list to ask questions and learn from other users.

Share Tools on the User-Contributed Solutions Zone Website

Explore our Solutions Zone website to find a wealth of useful information about Image-Pro. The Solutions Zone is an easily searchable online database of macros, device drivers, plug-in modules, application programs, and development consultants that support Image-Pro and other Media Cybernetics software programs.

Ask us if Image-Pro is right for your application!

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Computer Recommendations for Basic Image-Pro:

“Manufacturers change system specifications regularly, so it is difficult to describe the exact configuration that is required to use Image-Pro successfully. However, there are some important guidelines to consider before purchasing or upgrading your computer hardware for use with Image-Pro. Everything depends on memory and speed. ”

Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit),  32-bit versions of Windows are supported but not recommended.

Multiple high-speed SATA hard disks or SSDs; 8 GB free on installation drive + free space for images (20 GB+), 2.8 GHz CPU Intel quad-core processor or better, 16 GB memory or higher

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Cards with 4GB graphics memory & Open GL 4.2 or higher, DVD-ROM drive if optional DVD purchased, USB Port Required for hard licenses and offline license activation

Internet connection required for online services, Internet Explorer version 9 or higher. Dual Monitors with 1920 x 1080 display are HIGHLY recommended.

High Performance Configuration for 3D Module:

Windows 10 (64 bit), Multiple high-speed SATA hard disks or SSDs configured in RAID 5; 16 GB free on installation drive + free space for images (1 TB+), 3.0 GHz Intel quad-core processor or better

48 GB memory or higher, NVIDIA GeForce GTX Cards with 4GB graphics memory & Open GL 4.2 or higher, DVD-ROM drive if optional DVD purchased, USB Port Required for hard licenses and offline license activation, Internet connection required for online services, Internet Explorer version 9 or higher

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