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Image-Pro Image Analysis Software is a powerful platform that allows customization by adding modules that meet your needs.

Take advantage of Image-Pro SMART Technology to obtain accurate results without the added complexity.

Customize your system further by adding APPS to streamline your work. Develop your own macros to automate and standardize your analysis.

Image-Pro has been the world’s more successful Image Analysis Software on the market for over 35 years!

Smart Segmentation

A revolutionary method that utilizes a pixel classification algorithm able to identify hard to segment objects and regions using a simple three step process.

Implement Smart Segmentation to identify faintly-colored objects, textured objects, and objects or regions on uneven backgrounds.

How does Smart Segmentation stack up against standard Histogram-Based Segmentation?

Smart Segmentation

Histogram-Based Segmentation

Object Selection Select sample on image using ROI Move Histogram Slider until objects are isolated.
Select Second Object Select sample on image using ROI Same as above on a separate image to be combined later
Background Select sample on image using ROI Not selected in above exercise
Method Machine Learning Manual Adjustment
Adjustments Adjust on Image Adjust Histogram
Ease of Use Simple Skilled

Automatically compensate for uneven backgrounds

Select two regions, and Smart Segmentation will automatically calculate the difference in the unevenly illuminated background


Select & Classify
Objects by Color

Select & Classify Objects by Color Locate and segment objects based on their color. Create classes to further characterize and streamline data collection and reporting.



Image-Pro’s Automatic Measurements is the foremost solution for gathering data from images. Our simple step-wise approach to the problem is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility to analyze nearly any image type while remaining simple to quickly learn and teach to others.


Set up your Automatic Measurements to compile data from a series of images and deliver individual and cumulative results with the click of a button.


Send data and images to the Image-Pro report generator, able to create simple custom reports based on pre-defined templates. Print or export to Word or Excel or generate a PDF.

What you can expect from the Image-Pro Platform?

Image Processing and Manipulation

Image Filtering, Alignment, Annotations, Background Subtraction and


Multi-User Sign-on with saved preferences, Tool Bar controls, Saved Layouts per User, Report Editor and Customization, Audit Trail

Multi-Dimensional Image Support:

Load, Save, and Analyze Time-Lapse, Z-Position, and 3D Viewer to image multiple images in a single interface.

Basic Image

Line Profile, Point to Point Measurements, Angle Measurements, and Manua

Advanced Image Processing:

FFT, Image Math, Sequence Controls and Editing, High Dynamic Range Processing, and Large Spectral Filtering

Scripting and Macros:

Develop and save custom workflows to easily batch process large amounts of images or image sets simply

Information Management:

Export Images to Power Point, Output results to our standard formatted report

Advanced Image and Automated Analysis:

Multi-Line Profile Tools, Count/Size Objects, 2D Tracking, Voronoi Map, Learning Classification


Increase your efficiency be implementing a multi-user license that will allow several users to access the platform at various workstations.


Our image analysis training courses provide valuable information you can apply towards your imaging research. Whether you are new to imaging or are a more experienced imaging professional, our courses are designed to help you make optimum use of the latest imaging software techniques.

Technical Support

Receive installation and configuration troubleshooting from our technical support engineers via phone or email. Purchase an Image-Pro Maintenance Agreement to receive a full year of technical support and software updates.

Get Started with Free Video Tutorials

As an Image-Pro user, you’ll have access to a growing library of free 3- to 5-minute video tutorials. Learn time saving tips and familiarize yourself with the wide range of analysis tools available to you – without ever having to leave your computer.

Image-Pro Users Email List

When you choose Image-Pro software, you instantly join a community of image analysis professionals. Join the free Image-Pro users email list to ask questions and learn from other users.

Share Tools on the User-Contributed Solutions Zone Website

Explore our Solutions Zone website to find a wealth of useful information about Image-Pro. The Solutions Zone is an easily searchable online database of macros, device drivers, plug-in modules, application programs, and development consultants that support Image-Pro and other Media Cybernetics software programs.

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Computer Recommendations for Basic Image-Pro:

“Manufacturers change system specifications regularly, so it is difficult to describe the exact configuration that is required to use Image-Pro successfully. However, there are some important guidelines to consider before purchasing or upgrading your computer hardware for use with Image-Pro. Everything depends on memory and speed. For users who want the best possible experience and product performance we recommend that you review the requirements below and follow-up with a review of the hardware priorities to understand how the whole system plays a part in the applications performance.”

Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit),  32-bit versions of Windows are supported but not recommended.

Multiple high-speed SATA hard disks or SSDs; 8 GB free on installation drive + free space for images (20 GB+), 2.8 GHz CPU Intel quad-core processor or better, 16 GB memory or higher

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Cards with 4GB graphics memory & Open GL 4.2 or higher, DVD-ROM drive if optional DVD purchased, USB Port Required for hard licenses and offline license activation

Internet connection required for online services, Internet Explorer version 9 or higher

High Performance Configuration for 3D Module:

Windows 10 (64 bit), Multiple high-speed SATA hard disks or SSDs configured in RAID 5; 16 GB free on installation drive + free space for images (1 TB+), 3.0 GHz Intel quad-core processor or better

48 GB memory or higher, NVIDIA GeForce GTX Cards with 4GB graphics memory & Open GL 4.2 or higher, DVD-ROM drive if optional DVD purchased, USB Port Required for hard licenses and offline license activation, Internet connection required for online services, Internet Explorer version 9 or higher

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