New Template System available in January 2015
The prototype imaging table is now installed on the California Academy of Sciences Magnify2 system.

The scanning table is made from cast acrylic and this will be in a fixed position on the rig (not movable on bumpers as the current glass table is).  This is achieved by locating an additional piece on the front rail using the existing bolts. Fitting the new locating buffer is a 15 minute job on all Magnify2 systems.

With the scanning table fixed, the pins on the left and right of the imaging table are used to locate a template that places the specimen holders precisely in a vertical or horizontal position. In the CalAcademy system, there are 11 holders per row, and up to 4 template holders can be located at once, allowing 44 specimens to be imaged in a single job.

Above you can see a template with four thin geological specimens.
Templates will be available for many different imaging jobs: traditional microscope slides, thin geological sections, insect holders of various sizes or custom made for your specific needs.  Call Meyer Instruments for more information on customizing for your application.

Also a grid and / or diffuser can be placed above the imaging table and below the template holder.  The diffuser will be most useful when the specimen is to be backlit with the (optional) backflash, such as when imaging thin geological slides or microscope slides.

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