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Meiji Stereomicroscopes

Meiji RZ- Research CMO Zoom

The Meiji RZ - Research zoom stereomicroscope is a high-performance, modular instrument designed for today's demanding 3D applications. Engineered using a Common Main Objective (CMO) with parallel optical paths, the RZ offers crisp, distortion-free, color correct images at magnifications ranging from 3.75x to 300x. Available with Apochromatic optical components, ERGO tilting binocular head, 80/20 simultaneous viewing phototube, and LED bases. The RZ features a 10:1 zoom ratio with built-in variable dual-iris diaphragms, coarse-fine focus and 12 positive click stops throughout the entire zoom range with magnification indicator. The RZ's infinity optical design assures hours of fatigue free viewing. Optional Z motorization is available allowing EDF and HDR image capture.

Meiji EMZ - Zoom

The Meiji EMZ -Zoom body is the heart of our modular zoom stereo microscope design. It contains the objectives and prisms that capture the image of the specimen, magnify it, and direct it to the eyetubes. The body by itself cannot be used to view an object; it also needs eyepieces that further magnify the image and allow the viewer to see, and it must be mounted on a stand that has a focus mechanism for raising and lowering the body. Zoom stereo microscope bodies are the most flexible because they offer a wider range of magnification than turret (EMT) or fixed (EMF) bodies. Much like the zoom lens on a camera, zoom objectives increase and decrease magnification progressively, causing the specimen to grow or shrink smoothly in the eyes of the viewer. Copies of our zoom microscopes are made in many countries throughout the world. However, our products hold their parfocality or focus throughout the zoom range and not all microscope brands seem to do this which is one reason why our products retain their value for many, many years.

Meiji EMT - Turret

The Meiji EMT - Turret stereomicroscope body (Greenough Design) permits magnification to varied by means of a objective turret changer. The EMT-Turret body enables one-touch magnification power switch over between 1x and 2x. Because the operator's hand is kept at a distance, it decreases the possibilities the contamination due to dust and particulates is minimize. A long 108 mm working distance and a wide field of view makes the EMT-Turret a perfect turret microscopes that provides excellent maneuverability proving optimum for special applications. Such as gemology, horology, hair transplants, and dental labs.


PRO-MLS large motorized stand

PRO-MLS is an inexpensive heavy-duty motorized stand suitable for wide range of microscopic and macroscopic Z stacking applications. Complete with a separate remote control unit the focus range is protected by limit switches. Almost all makes of stereomicroscopes, macro lenses and accessories (stages, illuminators, polarizers) can be mounted to the PROMICRA PRO-MLS stand using special adapters. Computer controlled and compatible with Deep Focus (EDF) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) modules designed for QuickPHOTO software.
PRO-MLS Details

PRO-SZM1 small motorized stand

PRO-SZM1 is a low cost compact drive stand for Z motorization of almost any brand of stereomicroscopes. Manual focusing is also possible. Complete with a separate remote control unit the focus range is protected by limit switches. Available in reflected and transmitted light versions. Almost all makes of stereomicroscopes, macro lenses and accessories can be mounted to the PROMICRA PRO-SZM1. The PRO-SZM1 motorization can also be computer controlled and is compatible with Deep Focus (EDF) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) modules designed for QuickPHOTO software.
PRO-SMZ1 Details


The CB-ZM is an economical remote control unit for use with retrofit motorization of almost any type of optical microscope or stereomicroscope. The PROMICRA CM-ZM motorization can also be computer controlled and is compatible with Deep Focus (EDF) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging modules designed for QuickPHOTO software. Also compatible with Prior Scientific Z motor focus drives. Call for pricing today!
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SUNFLOWER illuminator

The SUNFLOWER illuminator is designed to provide extraordinary reflected light illumination for very difficult to illuminate samples. It generates soft, glare free lighting where all other illumination techniques have failed. Completely adjustable “curtains of light” perfectly illuminate highly reflective samples such as insects, semiconductor parts, jewelry, metals, rocks and plastics. See your sample in a light no other illuminator can match. Use the PROMICRA Sunflower light source with Deep Focus (EDF) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging modules with QuickPHOTO software for simply spectacular results. 20,000+ hour LED life.
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QuickPHOTO - Microscope Imaging Software

QuickPHOTO is a low cost suite of software programs and modules for digital photomicrography, image processing and measurements. PROMICRA QuickPHOTO programs are intended for use in all microscopic fields as well as for macro applications. Works with all Promicam, Lumenera and Digital DSLR cameras including Canon and Nikon. Use QuickPHOTO to control PRO-MLS, PRO-SZM1 and CB-ZM Z motorization components. Deep Focus (EDF) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging are two of QuickPHOTOS's most popular modules!
QuickPHOTO CAMERA31 Brochure

Canon DSLR Software Control

FINALLY! Now control Canon DSLR cameras with QuickPHOTO. Create SIMULTANEOUS Extended Depth of Field (EDF) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images using inexpensive digital DSLR cameras. Live display, full frame control. Panoramic image stitching and simple publication templates make creating images for articles, magazines and white pages a snap. Use your existing Canon DSLR together with any of our PROMICRA motor focus controls mechanisms to automate any above the above software applications.
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PROMICAM Microscope Digital Cameras

PROMICAM digital cameras include a plethora of sensors suitable for stereomicroscopy, microscopy and macro applications. All PROMICAM digital cameras are supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software which synchronize with all PROMICRA Z motorized stands. When combined with Z motorization Promicam camera's allow SIMULTANEOUS acquisition with two of QuickPHOTO's most powerful modules, Deep Focus and HDR . The result is unprecedented image quality combining the benefits of both extended depth of field and high dynamic range imaging. Even the most subtle details are revealed using the combination of these amazing techniques!

Promicra Pro-3D

PROMICRA PRO-3D 2.0 visually extends the range of stereomicroscopes by creating true 3D imaging on 3D monitors or 3D TVs in REAL_TIME! Acquisition of 3D and 2D digital images is also possible.
Promicra 3D-PRO Details

Promicra Gallery

See and compare a gallery of compelling images that display some of Promicra's amazing features.

TechniQuip Fiber Optic Illumination

TechniQuip ProLux LED Illuminator

TechniQuip’s ProLux LED Illuminator sets the standard for the new generation of LED Fiber Optic Illuminators. Harnessing the power of the industry’s highest performing high-output LED’s, the ProLux LED is a viable alternative to existing halogen technology. Designed for optimal thermal management to maximize reliability and optical performance, the ProLux LED provides exceptional stability, uniformity and a more consistent color temperature than traditional EKE light sources.
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TechniQuip Series A AC Regulated Fiber Optic Illuminator

Fluctuations in input voltage are commonly created by conditions both inside and outside facilities. If left uncorrected, these fluctuations will cause changes in the light output of a fiber optic illuminator. These light changes can create problems making precise measurements, when operating a video camera, and in other situations. All Series A illuminators contain a regulation circuit which negates the effect of input voltage fluctuations in order to maintain a consistent voltage at the light bulb.
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TechniQuip Series BM Fully Regulated Fiber Optic Illuminator

Many biomedical and machine vision applications require stable color temperatures. All BM series illuminators contain two separate features that both contribute to highly stable light output. The first innovation uses a patented laser drilled diaphragm that enables the light intensity to be varied without a corresponding change in the color temperature. The second innovation is a stabilized power supply that provides light consistency to better than 0.5 % when operating at full color temperature.
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TechniQuip FOI Series Fiber Optic Illuminators

TechniQuip’s FOI series illuminators are well respected worldwide as a durable, reliable, and practical fiber optic light source. FOI Series illuminators are used in a wide range of manufacturing, microscopy, metrology, medical, research, and other applications. Choose from 150 watt and 250 watt versions. Remote control and high intensity versions are also available.
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TechniQuip Fiber Optic Annular Ring Lights

TechniQuip annular ring lights, constructed with highy quality glass fibers, provide continuous 360 degrees shadow-free uniform illumination of white light for a wide variety of applications. These versatile light guides are ideal tools for viewing and inspection in microscopy, photography and other precision applications that require high resolution and even levels of illumination.
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TechniQuip Fiber Optic Light Guides

TechniQuip light guides, constructed with high quality glass fiber optics, provide the highest degree of adjustable and interference free uniform illumination of focused white light for a wide variety of applications. These versatile light guides are available in single or double-pipe configurations in various lengths. Focusable lenses allow for variable spot light adjustments, making these ideal for situations where intense illuminations is required.
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TechniQuip Model 21 DC Illuminator

TechniQuip’s Model 21 dc delivers optically stabilized light. this is particularly useful when operating with high speed digital cameras. the model 21 is a cost-effective, high performance lighting tool designed for use “mission critical” applications. the model 21 continues TechniQuip’s proud reputation as an industry leader in “made in the usa ” products.
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TechniQuip TLC Techni-Light®

TechniQuip offers three new durable low cost Techni-Lights to assist your microscope illumination needs (TLC-3, TLC-4, and TLC-5). Each of our Techni-Lights is a perfect choice for applications requiring a high quality fluorescent illuminator is ideal for microscopic and macroscopic inspections, quality control, photographic applications, assembly and biological analysis. Techni-Light bathes the subject with 360 degrees of shadow-free illumination.
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TechniQuip TechniLight

High-Frequency Fluorescent Ring Illuminators

All TLC7/ TLC8 TechniLight fluorescent ring illuminators operate at high frequency. By operating at high frequency, these lights remove problems associated with high-speed imaging. Images taken under these lights are very uniform, given the uniformity of the lighting created by the high-frequency light. All TLC7 TechniLight fluorescent ring illuminators contain a dimming circuit that enables you to vary the intensity without affecting the color temperature. Unlike other dimming units in the marketplace, the TLC7’s unique microprocessor-controlled circuit automatically adjusts the internal bulb filament heaters to prevent a loss in bulb life when operating at low intensity.
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TechniQuip PowerPose

Beam/ Spot Light Illuminator

The PowerPose Series is Focused High Intensity LED Lighting for Microscopy and Precision Tasks.. Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made TechniQuip an industry leader in LED lights. the PowerPose delivers powerful, microscope quality white light.
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Infinity Lenses

InfiniPro TS-160

The TS-160 is a radically new approach to macro/micro imaging. It has a Variable Iris, but no f/stops. It focuses internally without any changes to its outer dimensions. Its front lens is a specially-calculated microscope objective or a macro auxiliary. It ranges magnification from 0 to as much as 16x and can focus anywhere from infinity down to 18mm. Almost any camera up to and including those with 35mm sensors can be used with it. It is so easy to use that it literally sets the best image for you every time you focus. It may be a "counter-intuitive" experience even to experienced photographers. It is the InfiniProbe TS-160 from Infinity Photo-Optical Company. Quality macro/micro imaging has become simple and easy.

InfiniProbe MS

When it comes to machine vision, industrial, biological/entomological or general imaging requirements for a Variable Magnification Lens, imagine the convenience of harnessing the MACRO capabilities of the incredible InfiniProbe TS-160 transferred to a single, unitized C-mount version. Imagine focusing from infinity down to 16 millmeters—going from 0 up to 4x (onto the sensor)—all in a unit that fits every C (or CS-mount with an additional 5mm spacer) camera. That sums up what the InfiniProbe MS (Macro System) is. A Variable Magnification Lens like no other. But it is more: It completely covers 1-in. Sensor Formats as well.

Model KC VideoMax

The KC VideoMax is a true long-distance microscope. It uses objectives with apertures greater than stereomicroscopes and virtually equivalent to compound laboratory-type microscopes—but at many times their working distances. It works like a regular compound laboratory microscope as well. The KC VideoMax can be equipped with a variable iris diaphragm (included in ST and SD models) to set the proper aperture for greatest contrast and resolution and to control light throughput with IF series objectives. Since the highest aperture at which objective can be used is not necessarily the best aperture to use, all laboratory microscopes (the KC VideoMax is no exception) function best when used at c.75% of their potential apertures.

Model KX InfiniMax

The Model KX InfiniMax uses Infinity's ConstantMag system that maintains virtually the same magnification within the specified focusing range for each objective. With performance second only to Infinity’s own Model K2 DistaMax, KX InfiniMax is ideally suited for high resolution gauging/measuring applications. At the same time—within its operating range— KX InfiniMax is a world-class long-distance microscope. By adding the 3x Large Format Amplifier (LFA) it can be used with formats up to those equivalent to that of 35mm SLR's (24x36mm; 43mm diagonal).

Model K1 CentriMax

Now, the original CentriMax has been reconfigured mechanically with the same robust construction as our Model K2 DistaMax. It now joins the K2 DistaMax as a true K-Series Long-distance Microscope, earning the K1 designation. No longer just a C-mount optic, the K1 CentriMax can also be used with T2 (e.g., "F-mount") cameras as well—directly with formats up to 4/3-in. When larger formats are desired or when "flip-mirror" DSLRs are used, all that is required now, is to use a NTX 2x Amplifier at its rear.

Model K2 DistaMax

Since its inception, the Model K2 has been the definitive world-standard state-of-the-art long-distance microscope, capable of resolution and magnification comparable to that of regular compound laboratory-type microscopes but at many times greater working distances. Over time, the K2 evolved expanded capabilities such that it could image a "Blood Moon" down to a blood cell—even, if required, with a 1.4 NA oil-immersion microscope objective—in transmitted or coaxial illumination.

Accuscope Stereomicroscopes

Unitron Stereomicroscopes

Z12 Zoom

The new Z12 zoom stereo microscope from UNITRON features a Common Main Objective design, a 12:1 zoom ratio and a massive 8X to 400X magnification range. The Z12 includes many features typically found in higher priced microscopes. Three new stands suit the most demanding applications: plain focusing stand, transmitted light base with sliding/tilting mirror, and a slim profile LED transmitted light base. The color-balanced LED light sources give bright illumination to the specimen, and are highly cost effective (low energy consumption and long lifespans). A 5°-45° tilting trinocular observation head offers ergonomic viewing comfort that is customizable to the observer. Its apochromatic objectives deliver crisp color reproduction and high resolution of fine structures, and the trinocular port is ready to accept a digital microscopy camera for imaging. Click-stop zoom positions allow the observer to quickly return to a specific magnification setting, thus saving time and increasing reproducibility.

Z10 Zoom

The Z10 zoom stereo microscope from UNITRON features a Common Main Objective design, a 10:1 zoom ratio and a 8X to 80X basic magnification range. The Z10 includes many features typically found in higher priced microscopes. The color-balanced LED light sources give bright illumination to the specimen, and are highly cost effective). A 5°-45° tilting trinocular observation head offers ergonomic viewing comfort that is customizable to the observer. The trinocular port is ready to accept a digital camera for imaging. Plan Apochromatic and Plan Achromatic lenses are available.

Z650HR Zoom

The Z650HR zoom stereo microscope from UNITRON features a 8:1 zoom ratio and a 6X to 50X basic magnification range.The Z650HR delivers higher resolution, higher contrast and brighter images for industrial, biomedical and educational applications than traditional Greenough stereos. 30° viewing angle and 115mm working distance.

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