Q-Imaging Microscope Cameras

Q-Imaging digital CCD, EMCCD and Scientific CMOS cameras are designed for life science microscopy, OEM and industrial imaging applications.

Every camera includes QCapture™ software, enabling high speed performance preview and capture functions. A Software Development Kit is also available.

Every Q-Imaging camera is backed by one of the industry’s leading Warranty Plans and meets the high standards of a stringent Product Quality Policy.

Retiga R1™ CCD Camera

Telling the story behind great science… at a happily ever after price. The Retiga R1 has the technical features you need in a scientific camera to improve limits of detection and quantification. More importantly, the camera becomes an intuitive extension of your imaging system, smoothly delivering data from the super speed USB3.0 interface to your computer.

Retiga R3™ CCD Camera

More pixels or more speed? Why decide. The Retiga R3 gives you a 2.8 MP platform that increases the quality of overview images, and is also capable of signal binning for work at high magnification or increased sensitivity. It is ideal for fixed or live, time lapse or slide scanning. The Retiga R3 has the technical features you need to improve limits of detection and quantification.

Retiga R6™ CCD Camera

Field-of-view: Discover more, faster QImaging puts the right tool in your hands when the goal is fast, sensitive imaging and documentation in true plug-and-play fashion. The Retiga R6 provides a 6.0 MP platform that will fit more into your field of view. It is ideal for time lapse, tile-and-stitch or stereo microscopy.
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