NanoZoomer Slide Scanners

Rapidly scan and convert pathology glass slides to digital images. The digital images can be easily shared at any location with magnifications from 0.5x – 800x. Hamamatsu now offers five (5) NanoZoomer models to choose from including the SQ, RS, HT, XR and the new S210.  All their scanners use high resolution tri-linear array technology instead of camera chips to produce stunning, accurate and beautiful images.

The NanoZoomer RS, HT, S210 or XR offer the ultimate in production scanning of large quantities of slides. 6, 210 or 320 slides can be scanned in record time. True one button control. Set it and go! Batch scanning and uploading of hundreds of slides to a cloud server is totally automated and requires minimal interaction. Optional fluorescence is available on any unit except the S210. Z stack image capture included on all models.

Copying and Sharing

Hamamatsu digitized slides can be copied and shared. Hamamatsu scanners can be used in a variety of sample applications including  H&E’s, cytology sections, bone marrows , frozen sections, fine needle aspirations, HER2, ER, PR samples or any histological specimen on a 1 x 3 inch glass slide.

Slide Storage

Digital data does not deteriorate, and it is more secure from damages and losses than glass slides. You can view digital data in its original quality anytime and anywhere.


Large numbers of Hamamatsu digital slides can be stored into a database and incorporated into a laboratory information system. You can share data and construct slide libraries with distant facilities and research institutes.


Using the Internet or a local area network, you can observe and evaluate slides from a distant location. Free NDP viewer software is supplied with every Hamamastu digital slide scanner. Sharing could not be easier!

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